New regulations regarding support for investments came into force.

published: Jul 3, 2018, category: EN


On the 30th of June the act on support for new investments that introduced new regulations related to granting tax reliefs came into force.

The most important change refers to the fact that obtaining support will be available throughout the entire territory of Poland and will no longer depend on whether the area is located within an economic zone or not. The act stipulates that all kinds of companies will be able to apply for the support, also small and medium sized enterprises. New regulations allow tax exemptions for investors granted for the period of 10 to 15 years. Investments influencing competitiveness and innovativeness of Polish economy and its development will be promoted. It is presumed that the new regulations will speed up the support decision process.

In the near future, probably by the end of July, the directives outlining specific criteria (qualitative and quantitative) related to granting tax exemptions will be approved.  




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