id - 9461 - Hala Gliwice - 13 200m2 (możliwość podziału na 2000-3000m2)


Basic info

Address Ul. Gustawa Eiffel’a 15
City Gliwice
Public-Private Partnership No
Additional Information

The hall has been partially leased. The area which is still available is 13 020 m2 with a possibility of dividing it into smaller modules 2000-3000m2.

Usable space (except: social and office space)

Office area 13020 [m²]
Height 10 [m]
Floor carrying capacity 5000 [kg/m²]
Number of storeys 1
Year of construction 2018
Year of modernization
Present technical condition Excellent
Total area 100600 [m²]
Special Economic Zone KSSE

Transport connections

The nearest international airport Katowice Airport
The nearest international airport (Distance) 35 [km]


Electricity Yes
Water Yes
Gas Yes
Heating Yes
Sewerage Yes
Access road for trucks Yes
Overhead cranes Yes
Siding No
Terms of acquisition Lease

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Śląskie Centrum Obsługi Inwestora i Eksportera
Wydział Gospodarki, Turystyki i Sportu
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego
ul. Ligonia 46, 40-037 Katowice
tel. 32 / 774 00 67 do 68

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